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We believe investing in our people is the key to our school's success.

Our teachers and staff are proving every day that all students, regardless of race, zip code or socioeconomic status, can begin the journey to ultimately graduate from college and become leaders in our communities. With dedicated, passionate educators, we will prevent the achievement gap. Read more about what we think is important to our instructional culture in a new national research report featuring Memphis College Prep. 

Why join the Memphis College Prep team?

To focus relentlessly on student academic achievement and character development

Student achievement is our number one priority, and the needs of students always come before the interests of adults. We are a team of people doing whatever it takes for our students to pave the path from kindergarten to college. We frequently assess student progress and strategically use data to drive student achievement, ensuring that we are on track to meet our ambitious goals.

To be part of a team and family

We know that preventing the achievement gap is a team effort. At Memphis College Prep, you can expect to be part of a community of hard working, smart and driven individuals who are all working together as a team to fulfill our mission. Our team members constantly support, push, and hold the highest respect for each other. We want our students to love learning and to be excited to come to school every day. We want our teachers and staff to feel the same way about coming to work.

To constantly grow and learn

We believe investing in our people is the key to our school’s success. Memphis College Prep team members are constantly supported, challenged and inspired to take their skills to the next level. We provide three weeks of professional development each summer before school starts, and multiple days throughout the year to analyze data, learn and hone proven instructional techniques, and study the best schools in the country. We want our teachers to grow as educators and professionals because that is what is best for our students. Our belief is that we can always do better, and we support our team members to do so.

To be a founder 

At Memphis College Prep, members of our team are instrumental in building the culture and design of our school. As a new school, our teachers and staff are laying the foundation for many years to come as we add a grade each year. Unlike many larger charter management organizations, Memphis College Prep is led independently by the team at the school and has the flexibility to do what we know is proven to work. Our goal is not to be the biggest; our goal is to be one of the best schools in the nation. We believe that our teachers know what is best for our scholars, and we want to empower them to create and refine an instructional program of uncompromising quality.

To join the broader education reform movement

This is an exciting time for education reform in Memphis and throughout the state of Tennessee. The state was one of the first two recipients of the federal Race to the Top grant program, with over $500 million awarded to improve education across the state. Race to the Top was preceded by sweeping changes made in how our children are educated across the state, putting the interests of kids before adults. Tennessee’s new governor along with the commissioner of education, a Teach for America alum, have made charter schools their top priority, ensuring that more families have the option to choose the school they want their children to attend. We are excited about our opportunity to help lead this statewide effort at the lower elementary level, where we believe the path to college begins


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