Be A Game Changer.

A game changer is relentless in their aim of student achievement and are hungry for their professional growth.

We believe game changers:

•     Drive our mission: a relentless commitment to college graduation.
•     Persevere: difficult challenges fuel the fire.
•     Do not settle: never accept good enough.
•     Collaborate: work together with all stake holders for academic success
•     Responsible: holds high expectations of our classrooms, our kids, our school.
•     Are data driven: want to know where we are going.
•     Are coachable: want to grow and develop
•     Are reflective: do what it takes to be a better teacher
•     Are strong planners: create detailed visions for strong execution
•     Work hard every day.
•     Do whatever it takes.

 We provide game changers with:

•  High quality professional development
•  Teachers lead teachers.
•  External presenters.
•  Possibility of traveling to high quality schools nation-wide
•  Small school environment
•  Two classrooms per grade-level
•  The average teacher to student ratio is 1:14
•  Progressively growing school
•  Extended day and extended school year
•  More time for student learning
•  Strategically planned professional development days for data analysis and teacher reflection
•  Attendance bonus
•  We applaud our staff for being committed to coming to school.
•  A benefits package